Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Tidy up

We went to tidy up - some hoeing and trimming the edges of the path around the plot. Runner beans are sprouting so we will need the frame up for them to climb. The asparagus is growing fast and it needs some support, so a frame is needed there too. The strawberries are covered in flowers so they need covering to keep the birds off before the berries ripen. The parsnips and cabbages are growing well. In the greenhouse the spring onions are sprouting and beetroot are coming along too, so they will be ready to put out in a few weeks.

The auto watering system for greenhouse tomatoes and peppers now has an outline design and some bits tested. I helped a neighbour to remove some spyware from her computer and give it a general tidy up, so she is getting me a car battery from the garage she runs (the old battery I had is kaput). I bought a windscreen washer pump from a scrap yard for £5 which works well, so I think I have everything I need, so no excuses. I'll build two boards, one with the 12v stuff on it and the rest with the 5v stuff on.

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