Sunday, 27 July 2008

Beetroot for lunch

Yesterday we spent a very hot hour or so weeding and tidying up. The bindweed is still growing where it can, but I feel that we are staying on top of it now. The nets are off the raspberry canes since the crop is over and we could get a better look at weeding between the canes. We'll do a better job when the canes have been pruned.

The asparagus is still putting out extra spears. I watered it well a few days ago and this seems to have stimulated more growth. If it stays dry I'll keep watering to encourage more growth. This should build up the crowns ready for sending out spears next spring, which we'll harvest. The runner beans are setting some beans with lots more flowers too. I watered them and will continue to water to help set the beans. One bean was big enough to pick, but one is not much of a snack. I'll be patient.

The waiting is over for the first beetroot. We took three beets and had some with lunch today - lovely. We also had some coleslaw made with our cabbage, also very good. The cabbage is savoy which made the coleslaw slightly peppery; I liked it. Last night we had raspberry coulis (from our raspberries) with home-made icecream; that was really good.

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