Friday, 20 April 2012


Someone has stolen some of our asparagus. We found footprints on the plot that were not ours a couple of weeks ago and now some spears of asparagus have been taken. I know it has not been grazed because the small spears that are too small to cut yet are still there, an animal would just eat anything above ground. I'm going to leave a note to remind the thief to be careful in case I catch him.

I weeded the strawberries and then covered them with a wire frame. A few flowers are beginning to open. The berries will be a long time coming yet, but I don't want to risk losing any to the birds. After the very welcome rain we will need to protect them from slugs. I have spread bark chippings around the plants, tucking them under the leaves too. That helps.

The onions are sprouting, the garlic is doing well, the broad beans look sturdy and the plants in the greenhouse are doing well. So well that the first batch of beetroot and spinach are almost ready to plant out. No sign of any carrots yet.

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