Sunday, 16 February 2014

Cementing relations

Rabbits have been present around the plot all the time I've been there, and probably much, much longer. The previous tenant seemed to have buried old glass panes on their edge near the hedge, when we dug them out I couldn't understand how they got there, but not I suspect it was an attempt to stop the rabbits burrowing into the plot from the bank behind the hedge. It was a very unpleasant task to dig the glass out and it didn't stop the rabbits.

There are a couple of rabbit holes behind the compost bins and I've been watching them all week. The rabbits have dug up into the bins in the past, now they can't because I dug out the bins and lined the bottom of them with strong wire mesh, so now they surface just behind the bins. I've been watching the holes for over a week, putting dead sticks and leaves across the hole to see if it is being used and nothing has moved. Since I doubt they have stayed underground all week, I concluded that the holes are not being used at present, so today I fought back.

I dug up the pile of very sandy soil they have left as a spoil heap and mixed it with cement powder, one part cement to four parts spoil and tipped this dry mix down the hole where the spoil came from, followed by half a can of water. The holes are not quite filled flush to the surface - I'll do that later if all goes well. Tomorrow I hope to visit and find a solid fill where the hole was before. This does not mean the diggers can't just dig a new hole next to the old one, but if they do, I'll take that one on too.

In other news, the chairman's shed has been righted and the post supporting some fruit bushes that the shed blew onto has been replaced. In the lighter winds yesterday the gate next to my greenhouse has blown over, which does seem odd. Maybe the real damage was done in the earlier, stronger winds. I've put up a frame over the gap temporarily and I'll take some tools and a new gate post up to fix that properly in the week.

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