Monday, 24 March 2014

Walk on water

Today the sun was out and the wind was lighter. One of the plastic panels of the roof of the greenhouse had been cracked in the winter storms so in the lighter wind I decided to replace it. It turned out to be a simple job. I dug over a patch near the asparagus bed and planted garlic there. I had another go at hand weeding the asparagus too. Hopefully I got most of the weeds this time.

The long discussed change to the hedge along the north side has started. The hedge has been dug out, a trench dug in the edge of the field and fence posts installed. So far no replacement hedge planted and no fence installed.

It seems that the East Riding council have not been asked for permission to remove the hedge under the 1997 Hedgerow regulations and, because the job has pushed into March and the bird nesting season, it is possible that the Wildlife and Countryside act has been broken.

We will see what the police and East Riding of Yorkshire council have to say on the matter. I would have expected the parish council to have behaved in a better way, but perhaps they feel exempt from the law of the land. Maybe they can walk on water too.

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