Sunday, 7 June 2015

Taking their time

The plot is looking good, but not everything is flourishing. The things that need a bit of warmth like sweetcorn, squashes and French beans are all struggling because it has been too cold and too windy. In the last couple of days the temperature has risen, but the wind has still been strong. I think the sweetcorn will survive, but it's always a race to see if it has time to ripen before the summer is over. I hope so.

One the other hand some things are doing well. The first buds of potato flowers are showing, broad beans are much stronger with flowers on them. Spinach is almost ready for a first pick, all the brassicas are looking strong and the peas are growing fast. The new sowing of peas are all showing too.

I sowed some extra French beans beside the existing ones, one of which has perished completely. I hope the extra plants will give me a decent crop which looks unlikely from what I have already.

A bit of work with a hoe and the weeds are largely under control. I think it's time to get the leeks out now.

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