Friday, 6 March 2009

Gate on the move

The new greenhouse is very good. The door opens out onto a small path running round to the tap and the shed door. When the ground is wet and claggy it is nice to get stay off the ground so the path is handy, but it didn't reach the gate. So rather than laying miles of paving, I moved one of the gates to open next to the path. The ground was soft enough to move fence and gate posts easily so a chunk of fence was moved up to cover the old gateway.

The fence is only there to keep the rabbits out and at the moment there's not enough leafy vegetables growing to tempt them, but soon there might be. We have about thirty garlic plants showing now with two rows of winter onions still growing strongly. Broad beans in the green house are doing well with the first set of leaves just beginning to open out.

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