Thursday, 2 April 2009

Carrot bed

A bit cold and grey, with some mistiness from time to time, so a bit of work needed to get the blood moving. I cut up an old door into four parts and screwed them together into a carrot bed. The sides should be high enough to keep carrot fly out, but we can always put a fleece lid over it. I put some earth and the contents of last-year's grow bag into the frame to improve the soil a little. I also trimmed and tidied up the little benches we use around the site, usually to have something to work on at a reasonable height. Lastly I watered the carrot bed, the asparagus and the broad beans. The surface of the soil is just dust and although it is damp below the surface it dries very quickly if you turn the soil. We need rain, but none is forecast. Jean raked the ground ready for our onion sets and then weeded about half the plot.

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