Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Plants and taps

On Sunday Jean sowed the mange tout peas in pots and put them into the greenhouse to germinate. If we sowed the seeds in the ground the mice would dig them up and we like to grow seeds on in pots before we plant them out, which is just what we did with the spinach. Our first eleven plants have gone out, I think we'll sow some more seeds soon to keep us in a constant flow of young spinach leaves. At home Jean sowed the plum tomato seeds. They seem to take at least a couple of weeks to germinate. We'll grow a few plants in a grow-bag in the greenhouse and it's getting warm enough to put them out fairly soon.

I bought a new tap for the allotment today. I had to take out the valves that stop water returning through the tap because the water pressure from our tanks is low and any resistance to the flow will make a big difference. Since the tap is not used on mains water I don't need the valves.

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