Sunday, 4 October 2009

Compost & squashes

We popped up to the plot to see how things are and to turn the compost. We have two compost bins - received wisdom says you need three, but space was tight. I made the bins from uPVC planks that would be used for fascias and soffits. There were surplus and I don't expect them to rot for a while. One bin has been steadily filling with all the innocuous green waste. The other was about a third full of the compost that our local council gave away. This is the contents of green-waste bins that has been rotted down at high temperature. The results looked still a bit coarse, so we have rotted it down a bit more. We have emptied the council compost and turned the green compost bin into the other. At the bottom was some promising looking stuff. Next spring I expect we'll have some really nice compost, with a mixture of horse manure, council waste and our compost bin.

A few more beetroots were ready for boiling, so we brought them home. A stray spring onion turned up so that came home too. The leaves of the squashes have been dying back, so we decided to harvest them. There were six decent squashes which look good, though one had split a bit. We'll see what they taste like, and even how exactly is the best way to cook them (ideas anyone?)

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