Sunday, 11 October 2009

Winding down

We spent a gentle hour tidying up yesterday. there's been some more rain, so the ground was soft and easy to dig. All of the plot that is empty has now been dug over, including the path down the middle. The season is winding down, so we will visit a bit less often soon.

The extra rain had helped two of the leeks to bolt. I think we caught them early enough that we can still eat them - if you leave them in the ground after the flower stalks have shot up they very quickly go woody, even it you cut the flower off.

I covered our newly turned compost bin to help the contents rot more quickly. I also looked at the water pipes between our tanks. I fitted an overflow pipe between the tanks so that they don't just overflow and soak the shed and the stand they are on, but the run-off pipe gets in the way so I'm going to move it before the winter. I want to put more lagging on the pipes too before the winter frosts.

We've been working on the layout for next year's planting. When I've drawn it up I'll upload it. We had a plan for the last couple of years and it certainly helps, but there are always changes as the season goes on.

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