Sunday, 25 October 2009

Garlic and onions

The garlic and the winter onions we planted a few weeks ago have made a strong start, especially the garlic. I expect they will slow down as the winter sets in but while the soil is warm and damp they make on. I covered them to keep the birds from pulling them up. This really only happens with the onions because the garlic is planted much deeper.

The celeriac is slowly beginning to swell - I'm not sure how long to leave it.

The asparagus is beginning to yellow so that will not be long before it gets cut down for the winter. The tomatoes are winding down with only a few still to finish ripening.

The remaining leeks and parsnips are looking good. Jean took a few parsnips for soup, stews and roasting. It seems that many of them are stumpy, but that's OK there's plenty of flesh and they're easy it dig up too. Even though they are a bit short they still are still quite fat.

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