Friday, 16 March 2012

Gentle progress

The parsnip chits have all been tubed (potted in a cardboard tube) and most have sprouted leaves. We've taken them to the allotment greenhouse to harden off. The broad beans have been there about a week. It's been cool and overcast this week. The beans look great, not lanky, very upright because the light comes mostly from above and they are forming more leaves. I expect the beans will get planted out shortly, if they are not too tall they grow steadily without much risk, but if they are lanky they break in the wind and would need supports. The stems will need support when they are bigger, but that is easier then.

The sweet peas are still struggling, but there are four shoots now.

There are a few regular jobs that need doing like turning the compost bins and clearing out the shed. One of the compost bins has had squatters of the rabbit kind, so I'm not sure what we will find when we turn it over.

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