Saturday, 31 March 2012

Water leak

We collect water from the shed and greenhouse roof and store it in tanks. We use this to water the plants in the greenhouse because that means we don't have to fetch the fairly small amount as and when we need it. Later on when there is nothing in the greenhouse if there is any water in the tanks we can use it to water the rest of the plot. Today the tanks were empty because the tap in the greenhouse had been left slightly open and over the last two days the tanks had drained with the water running away in the barren floor of the greenhouse. The tap was not really intended to be used regularly and is difficult to turn off properly. The real tap is not connected because I didn't want to expose it to frost outside, so we have been using the shut-off tap and now we have paid the price by losing all of our water. In a drought, with little prospect of rain and needing days of rain to fill the tanks, it is a nuisance.

On the positive side we took our first asparagus. It looked good and tasted better. Sometimes the very first asparagus stems have grown slowly so they can be stringy or hard, but this was succulent and melt-in-the-mouth. Being picked only an hour before we ate it certainly helps. I watered the asparagus crowns and the sprouting garlic. The rest of the plot looks parched, so another watering session looks inevitable.

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