Wednesday, 21 March 2012

One year on

This time last year we planted broad beans out, today we did again. Last year we had just planted out the onion sets, they are still in their bag today. The first asparagus spears had just appeared a year ago and we were watering them and the strawberries. Today I flooded the strawberries and asparagus and two spears were showing. A year ago we had spinach, leeks and parsnips in the greenhouse and we have today too.

I opened the water stop tap on for the site so the water tanks would fill. Once the tanks were full I checked the meter and it was till turning over, even though the tank valves seemed closed. I did some quick arithmetic and I think that at the rate of flow I saw would actually use about 430 litres every day, which if it is a leak is going to cost the parish council a lot each year in wasted water.

I turned the stop tap off again.

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