Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Sweet peas
We have had a setback. The rain has soaked the ground quite nicely, much of what we have planted out are doing well, yet we have had a setback. The fence is secure, the rabbits have stayed away and even the chewed raspberries are bearing some flowers.

The setback lies in the way our sweet peas have been grazed to the ground.

I tied canes into a simple tower and Jean planted the sweet peas to grow up the canes but instead something arrived and ate them. I suspect partridges. They have feasted on our mange touts before. Whatever it was I just hope the remaining stumps survive.The photo is of the biggest remaining stump. I wrapped the remaining plants with netting.

The asparagus is doing well. The broad beans are short, but very sturdy and now they have flowers showing. The beetroot is mostly under a wire frame. The plants that are not covered are slowly being eaten, but the rest are fine. Jean planted the next batch of beetroot and spinach. The first batch of spinach is growing slowly in the cool weather. I'm willing it on.

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