Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Netting and CDs

The rain of April seems a distant memory and now the warmer weather has encouraged growth we have been planting out more stuff. We planted out our dwarf French beans and courgettes a few days ago, today the first batches of spring onions and mange touts went out too and some cabbages. To dig the ground over we first had to soften it with water and once the plants were in we watered them in too. The forecast rain arrived disguised as a warm, sunny, calm day, so no water there. Rain is now forecast for tomorrow, I hope it comes.

Everything we have out is covered with netting, wire frames or has CDs dangling over it to deter the local wildlife.

We gathered another big bunch of rhubarb, some spinach and some overly long asparagus, some of which will be good but some will be woody.

The gooseberries and black currants are swelling, the strawberries are covered in flowers so fruit looks promising.

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