Tuesday, 16 June 2009


It rained yesterday. Hail stones, thunder and lightening, and a great big downpour. The street outside was running with water. Today the sun is out again and our allotment has been well watered by the rain, but not soaked. There are patches of ground that look dry and the soil is only damp below the surface, but it is much better than it was and it was much easier than watering by hand.

Our raspberry bushes are covered in flowers and young fruit. They're also covered in bugs, flies and bees. I grabbed a couple of photos of ladybirds, including this spotty one. I think I'll try another time to get some photos of the wildlife to try to see just what there is. Today, as well as the ladybirds, I saw some bees and hoverflies but I'm not sure what kind.

I tried to remove some of the bind weed that we still appears between the raspberry bushes. In the process I stood on an onion, so we pulled it up to use quickly before it goes soft. It's a yellow winter onion and they look as though they will be ready soon. They have been easy to grow and I like the look of them so I'll probably grow some more over the winter again.

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