Thursday, 25 June 2009

Planting out

The fine weather tempted us to plant some more plants out. This time the next batch of beetroot and most of the rest of the leeks. The leeks needed holes to plant them in, but the ground was very hard. Our new dibber (old hoe handle) works well in soft ground, but it could do with a footplate to help drive it into harder ground. Once the leeks were in the holes I filled the hole with water. Once I had reached the end the first holes were dry, so I repeated the fill twice more.

We watered the plants we put out yesterday to give them a better start. The courgettes have loads of flowers and a few are forming courgettes, the squashes look fine and the peas look very good, with a couple already finding the string to climb. We gathered some pods from the original mange-touts to eat. Jean took a good batch of rhubarb which looks like being the last for this year. We brought home some of the puny garlic cloves I dug up last week to see what it is like to eat.

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