Tuesday, 9 June 2009

First strawberry

We popped up to tidy up, plant a few things and water everything. The ground is dry, dusty and crusty. I pulled a few weeds around the strawberries and found our first ripe one. Half each didn't go far, but it was full-on strawberry taste. Jean planted some more spring onions under our new netting to keep the birds off. I extended the netting around our few runner beans which have had a couple more added. I've learned my lesson here. We only wanted a few plants, but we should have sown many more than we needed.

I watered everything in sight. I fetched watering cans from the site tank that fills (very slowly) from the mains and I also used water from our water butts. These are now down to less than a third full. Not only does this leave much less for the stuff still in the greenhouse but also the water pressure drops as the height of water in the tank falls. The forecast has been unusually inaccurate recently, always promising rain in a couple of days, then nothing actually arriving. With not much water left in our butts we will have to resort to lugging watering cans from the tank which is a tedious and very slow job, but with some of our young plants wilting and onions running to seed we don't have much choice.

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