Sunday, 7 June 2009

More nets

We have had more small plants nibbled than last year, so I bought some more netting and tent pegs to protect things. I have decided that for small plants the simple method Ken and Brenda use is perfect, so, in the best tradition of allotments, I copied it. I use some sturdy wire arches over the row and spread the netting over them all held down with tent pegs.

We added some more CDs over our leeks. Some of the smallest leeks have been nibbled so CDs will keep the birds off. CDs will not do anything for our biggest problem - no rain. I know the forecasters are not responsible for the weather but they are responsible for getting my hopes up for heavy and prolonged rain. The ground is very dry to substantial depth. It is not so warm so any water we put on the ground lasts a bit longer, but a really good soak is really badly needed.

Tony has another solution to covering his crops from bird attack. He has made some wooden frames, covered with nets which he has fixed to posts in the ground. These are much higher than Ken's handy work and would certainly take more building, but I quite like them.

We harvested some more rhubarb and spinach. Our next runner beans are nearly ready to go out to supplement the badly eaten beans we have out. Our mange touts are flowering with some proto-pods, I just can't wait for these. Still no signs of blackfly on our broad beans. Our beetroot, parsnips and onions are growing quite well but all need more water than we can give them. A couple of blackcurrants are turning ripe and there is a hint of red on a strawberry. The raspberries are still buzzing with bees and the first berries are appearing. It is especially important that they get water to fatten the fruit.

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