Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Asparagus at last

The first spears of asparagus are finally big enough to cut. They tasted great, especially with eggs, but it was not much more than a taste. There are many more spears growing and this year many of them are quite fat. I expect we'll be having regular harvests for the next couple of months.

The strawberries, now mulched with fine wood chippings, have their first flowers. The broad beans are thickening up with extra side shoots - more places for beans to grow. Many of the newly planted onion sets have sprouted. The winter onions are beginning to fatten and the garlic looks tall and strong.

Everything got some water today. It might rain at the end of the week, but the lesson from last year was make sure things get lots of water.

No sign of carrots yet, but there's still plenty of time yet.

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