Sunday, 11 April 2010

Shoots are showing

The seeds in the pots in the greenhouse have started to sprout. We now have beetroot, red cabbage, spinach and peas alongside the mange touts, tomatoes and sweet peas.  Jean sowed another batch of beetroot - we have set aside lots of space for it and this year we are going to let more of it grow into bigger beets, tennis ball sized, rather than taking them at golf ball size. 

The asparagus is also beginning to show, with the tips of three spears just poking up through the soil.   This is the first year we can harvest it fully, everything that appears before mid summer day is for the pot and everything after then is left to mature for the plants' to feed from.

The broad beans and parsnips are both getting bigger, so much so that I will be able to remove the fleece tent from the parsnips to use for the carrots when we're ready to sow them.

We still have lots of seeds to sow, but we have run out of the soft plastic pots we prefer and I can't find any more to buy. Wilkos used to sell them but they don't seem to have any this year and I haven't seen them anywhere else. Shame.

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