Thursday, 8 April 2010

Our first potatoes get planted

We've not grown potatoes before, but this year we thought we'd squeeze a few rows in. The weather has warmed up so today was the day to get them into the ground. Three trenches, about 60cm apart and about 15cm deep. These are first earlies, Pentland Javelin, I hope they are going in soon enough, but the ground really has only just warmed up. After burying them the onion sets went in too.

The half kilo in the bag from Wilkos turned out to be about 140 sets. The sets were planted quite close together, 25cm between rows and 10cm between each plant. We covered the freshly planted rows with the frames that have covered the winter onions and garlic over the past few months to keep the birds from pulling them up.

I refitted the tap outside the greenhouse. I took it off to protect it from the frost over the winter, but now we are watering things it is much easier to use outside again. I had a quick tidy of the greenhouse too, which makes it much easier to get in and out. When the peas go out (they haven't sprouted yet) the pile of pea sticks will go out too.

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