Tuesday, 16 February 2010

And we're off ...

The broad beans are shoving their heads through the soil, a few leeks have sprouted and the parsnips have started to push their roots out of their shells.

The broad beans are in pots and will stay there until they go in the ground, but we will take the pots up to the cool greenhouse as soon as proper leaves show so they don't run away. The leeks need transplanting into pots as soon as they are big enough to handle and they too will go up to the greenhouse soon after. The parsnips that have roots showing (chitted) have been transplanted into cardboard tubes.  When they have a couple of proper leaves they will be planted, tubes and all, so the root doesn't get disturbed. The tubes rot away leaving the parsnip free to swell.

Red cabbages, a few carrots and some spinach are in the queue for sowing next.

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