Monday, 8 February 2010

It has started

The sowing of seeds has started.  Broad beans are in pots, leek seeds are in a tray of seed compost and parsnip seeds are sitting on wet paper to chit them. I like this process, even though every available surface in the kitchen and spare bedroom gradually become covered with trays and pots.  In a couple of weeks there will, hopefully, be fresh young plants shooting up. 

I just hope the allotment will be ready for them. There was a little bit of snow today, with cold and maybe snowy days forecast for this week and into next.  We haven't begun to dig the ground yet, it's much too wet and claggy.  The ground will also be too cold to plant into.  The greenhouse will be fine for the hardy plants and should remain free of frost, but things can get a bit queued up if the cold lasts too long.  On the other hand some things can't be delayed too long either.


Kim said...

Chris we are going to start manuring the plot over the next few weeks - where do you normally get yours from? I did have a number of someone who delivered but now can't find it, so am looking locally for a good source where I can fill bags in my boot.

Chris Hill said...

We have collected the manure we used from the local riding stables in Westfield Lane. Last time we went they had spread it all on the fields so there was very little left and it was all fresh. Fresh manure is no use for spreading on the ground without rotting it for three months at least. Fresh manure contains too much ammonia which will burn young plants.