Saturday, 27 February 2010

Potting on

The leek seeds have sprouted and have been potted on.  This is earlier than last year, so we may be taking a chance on the weather warming up, but we can easily sow some more seeds if things go wrong.  There are now 105 leeks in pots filling window sills and shelves.  When they have settled down they will go up to the greenhouse for their slow, growth to the thickness of a pencil ready for planting out.  The broad beans are now in the greenhouse to settle down before planting out. Parsnips will not be long before they go into the greenhouse too.

We marked out the plot with plastic markers according to our plan.  The land was very, very wet and claggy and unworkable.  We spoke to Jim who is arranging for some well-rotted manure to be delivered, probably about ten tonnes. He's looking for people to chip in for delivery. Ten tonnes sounds a lot but it won't go that far if many people want it.

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