Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Seeds are home

The next batch of seeds and sets are home.  The first batch were freebies from a gardening magazine, but these were carefully chosen to match the list of varieties we want. When a specific variety was not there we chose to wait and get it elsewhere, whereas last year we just chose another one. 

The list so far:
Onion setsSturon
CourgettesAll Green Bush
CarrotsKingston F1
Sweet peasold Fashioned Mixed
Mange toutReutzensuiker
PeasKelvedon Wonder
TomatoesGardeners' Delight
Spring onionsWhite Lisbon
LettuceMixed Salad Leaves
SweetcornApplause F1
Red cabbageRed Fuego F1

Most of the choices were long considered, but the red cabbage was a rapid choice - I just fancy growing some. We haven't yet bought parsnip or spinach seeds - we didn't find the varieties we want.  All of this is in addition to our existing seeds, either gathered, free or left over:

PotatoesPentland Javelin
CarrotsNantes Frubund
BeetrootChoggia Pink
Broad beansNorman's Beauties
TomatoesAilsa Craig
BroccoliEarly Purple Sprouting

Let the sowing begin

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