Thursday, 11 March 2010


The ground is finally dry enough to dig. Gary put Rob's Rotovator to work over the weekend. It looked good so we ventured up to turn some of our plot. I hand-weeded the asparagus patch to get that into good fettle before the new spears appear. Jean turned over the broad bean patch. That needs to be ready because the beans are nearly bursting their pots and need to be out very soon.

We tackled the potato patch too.  The soil is much too cold for potatoes yet, but it is weed free and manured.  The seed potatoes are still not chitting, so there is no hurry.  Jean also turned a little bed for the sweet peas.  That had the newly arrived cow muck on it and proved to be an awkward thing to dig in. There's so much straw in it that is is difficult to turn over.

Finally I took a look at the salad patch, which has had a lot of manure on it over the winter.  It was very sandy soil but now it seems much richer and has more body - just what we want.


Kim said...

HI Chris, do you know how much Jum's friend charged him for the manure? I've not seen him to give him any money, so thought I'd just put an envelope on his plot. Don't want him to think I've made off with his manure for nothing!

Chris Hill said...

No, I don't know, sorry.