Thursday, 25 March 2010

Sweet peas are up

The warmer weather seems to have nudged the sweet peas into germination. Their ground is ready for them to move in as soon as they are big enough, as is more of the plot.  We did some more digging yesterday in a dry spell. There is still some digging to do and some weeding around the fruit bushes.

I made a frame to help keep the birds off our growing vegetables. I want a few more of these frames yet.  They are easy to make and they should work well. Like all the best ideas I pinched it, in this case from Tony. It is just a rectangle of wooden battons screwed together with some kind of netting fitted to it. This time I used chicken wire, but the last two were a plastic mesh. They have little plastic feet so the wood doesn't stand on the earth and rot.

We bumped into Gary who was thinking about planting his onions and potatoes. The forecast for next week is colder weather again, so I think I'll wait and see.

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