Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Parsnips and a load of work

The parsnips in their cardboard tubes are thriving, so we took them to the allotment greenhouse. Most of the tubes have a young plant in it so they need to be out in a cooler place to stop them romping on too far.  In a few weeks, weather permitting, they will be in the ground, tubes and all.

The greenhouse is untidy because we used it to store stuff over the winter. When the weather warms a little more and there is a less chance of frost it will get a tidy out and some stuff will go back outside.

Rob was there making a start rearranging some of his plot.  He dug out some fruit bushes last year and wants to extend the fenced, rabbit-proof area for more vegetables. He also has some heavy-duty pallets to make a stand for his water butts.  Its good to see people about again after the winter.

Rob pointed out that Jim's friend had just delivered a load of manure onto the car park at the Quarry End. Jean helped Rob move some of the muck that had stayed onto George's newly planted hedge beside the car park. The muck looks to have a high proportion of straw - it was from cattle sheds.  It should rot down well.  I think we'll use a few barrow loads to suppliment the horse manure we got last autumn.

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