Sunday, 7 March 2010

Moving muck

Jean planted some sweet peas and tomatoes today. We wanted to take the sweet peas up to the greenhouse. When we got to the site there were quite a few people there, great to see. We collected some of the manure that Jim had had delivered and spread it over some of our plot.  Some of the horse manure that we had spread in the autumn was still lying on the surface.  We had covered part of the plot rather too thickly, so we moved some of the excess to where we plan to plant potatoes. We removed a few weeds too, but the ground was still very wet and sticky.

We put the sweet peas in the greenhouse, where the parsnips are flourishing and the broad beans are getting ever stronger. The weather forecast for the week is cold, but fine and dry.  This might be enough to dry the plot enough to dig at least some it.  If so, then we will be able to get the weeds out and the broad beans in.

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