Wednesday, 27 May 2015

More peas please

I sowed another row of peas this morning so the crop will hopefully be staggered. A bit of weeding to keep up with their non-stop advance and then cut a crop of asparagus for lunch.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

All out

The plot is looking great, but I've not got around to writing a blog post, so here's a catch up.

I have planted out and sown lots of stuff and all is doing well. I thought I'd run through the plot with both the permanent and annual stuff and comment on them. At the back the raspberries are almost coming into flower. The cuttings of black currants and gooseberries are doing well, both with a small number of swelling fruits on them. One bramble from Norman has taken (the other died) and it's leaves are growing well. Rhubarb is prolific and I've taken loads. The potatoes are coming through nicely. The main gooseberries and black currants are smothered in small fruits.

I've planted out the French beans which are alive but not liking the shock of being out yet. Beside the French beans I have a short double row of savoy cabbages which look small but good. Beetroot has sprouted and looks good, but the spring onions next to it don't seem to have sprouted. I may need to sow some more. The lettuces and spinach is going well. They both really need thinning but I need a warm dry day for that. A double row of autumn broccoli is looking strong. After the gap for the leeks, which are still in the greenhouse, there are the peas which the packet claim could grow to 2 metres. They are all growing well, but so far they are only short like any other kind of pea. I think the packet may have been wrong. I will sow another row this week to spread the harvest.

Squash with a new leaf
At the other side of the plot are the carrots grown from plugs. The wind has been strong and has blown down the fleece fence to keep the carrot fly out more than once. The flapping fleece has damaged some of the carrots but most look good. The broad beans look very strong. They have some side shoots but no flowers yet. I planted out some sweetcorn in a block and next to that some purple-sprouting broccoli given to me by Louise in the next plot. That looks strong. Next to the sweetcorn there is a rather large bed with three small butter nut squash plants in it. I expect them to fill the bed, but we'll see. They are putting out new leaves and look healthy. I grew them from saved seed from a squash given to me, so I hope they do well.

The onions look great. I've taken more care with weeding between the rows this year and they seem to be benefiting. Lastly the asparagus is doing really well. No sign of the asparagus beetle this year, though it is on other peoples' plots now. I've taken lots of spears and lots more are showing.

There has been plenty of rain, but strong winds, cool days yet no frost. Things are going well.