Sunday, 5 June 2016

Leeks and Sweetcorn

It was warm, sunny and dry today. Two days ago it was very cold and windy but now June seems to have arrived.

I had leeks and sweetcorn in the greenhouse. Both looked ready to plant out.

The sweetcorn is the second batch. The first batch have suffered in the cold and with some pest damage, but still look a bit bigger than the second batch. I have  nice block of sweetcorn now, let's hope there's enough warm days to let it mature.

The leeks are my one and only batch - it's not worth staging leeks they stand so long in the ground that they can be taken when you're ready, unlike sweetcorn which needs to be taken when it's ripe.

I weeded the sweetcorn patch (again) and lightly dug the leek patch. The leeks are planted by making a hole and popping the leek without its soil from the pot into the hole. The hole is not back-filled, but filled with water. This washes fine soil into the some of the hole and covers the roots of the leek. I use an old handle to make the hole.

Gary is laid up at the moment. He uses an old petrol lawn mower to keep the paths around our end of the plot cut. He asked me to cut the grass, so I pushed his mower around in a few minutes. Then the wheel fell off. I need to fix it in the next few days before the mower is needed again.