Thursday, 12 February 2009


We had a very quick visit to see just see what's what. The ground was frozen hard with a few pockets of snow lying around. The temperature was about freezing. The water pipes have survived so far, in fact there was liquid water on the tap. I am very impressed by the effect of having a greenhouse on the side of the shed. The greenhouse gathers the heat even on a dull day and warms the shed that, I think, gives that heat back at night. It was a dull day and the sun had only been up for a couple of hours but the greenhouse was about four degrees (Celsius) warmer than outside.

The winter onions are still green, but seem to be not growing at the moment, the ground is rock hard. Garlic, however, must be made of sterner stuff, some new shoots are showing. The extra garlic we bought last month now does seem to not be needed, but we will plant it; lots of people use garlic so if we get too much it will be easy to give away.

I has started snowing again, but the forecast is for the temperature to rise in a couple of days. We might, at last, be able to sow some seeds.

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