Monday, 20 July 2009

Black Gooseberries

Yesterday we had to dodge rain showers to check out the indoor tomatoes. As soon as we arrived it was clear we needed to pick some raspberries. We collected about two and a half kilos of very ripe fruit. Jean made some jam with some, we froze some more and gave three batches away to neighbours.

The main event for the visit was that some of the gooseberries were ripe. They are not the standard green goosegogs. These are black ones - well nearly. They are ripe, a few have split open, they smell great and they are softening slightly. I picked all that looked dark and ripe, probably about a third of them. We got nearly half a kilo.

Jean planted the remaining mangetouts out and I added another layer of string to support them. The first batch have produced us a lot of pods for a few plants so I'm hoping these will produce even more. If we get enough we'll try freezing some for later in the year.

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