Wednesday, 23 June 2010


The dry spell is now extending. The weather is hot and dry and the plot is beginning to be baked dry. Some heavy duty watering is going to be needed soon, but some things like courgettes and sweetcorn will benefit from the sun if we can deliver some water too.

The peas and mange touts have yielded pods ready to pick, so we'll see what they taste like shortly. The strawberries are producing fruit, I left it to fully ripen on the plant. The blackcurrants are beginning to turn black. There's a decent crop coming and, because we have watered them, the berries look a good size. Raspberries are covered in small, swelling fruit, but they haven't had much water yet so they need gallons. Our potatoes do not have any sign of flowers yet we might have new potatoes in late summer at this rate.

The newly planted, small plants need water almost every day. The forecast is to stay dry and get hotter.


Chris Hill said...

The peas were worth waiting for.

Shaheen said...

I agree the plants want rain.

I hope your berries are netted well, as those sharp eyed birdies will feast on them before you get to.

Happy growing.

Chris Hill said...

We don't net our gooseberries or black currants, but we do net our raspberries.

We only net the rasps as they get close to ripening so the pollinators can still easily get to the new flowers for as long as possible.