Sunday, 13 January 2013

Wiring the compost bins

Our furry veg-stealers (aka rabbits) have still been burrowing under our compost bins, near the hedge. We dug out the oldest bin deeper than usual, put a piece of wire fencing cut to size across the bottom of the bin and covered it with a layer of soil up to the normal level, putting the extra compost on the plot to do some good. We then turned the other bin into the newly wired bin and found a large hole under the rotting stalks and leek tops but it looked disused. We dug that bin out, filling in the hole, lined its base with wire mesh and covered that with some soil too. That is now ready to receive any fresh cuttings and trimmings, though there won't be much just yet.

I feel as though we may be making progress. There were no fresh dropping that I could see and none of their incursions made it past our fence and onto the plot, so nothing valuable, like the last of our leeks or our slowly growing broccoli, was eaten. I can get on with a plan for this year's planting now.

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