Tuesday, 1 October 2013


Part of clearing the plot is about deciding when some plants have come to an end. Beetroot is not going to grow any more, so I pulled it all up and cooked the biggest ones. They are still small, but they are still tasty. There's some in the freezer now for another day too.


Chris said...
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Chris said...

It worked for me!

Bindweed has been a real problem in our garden over the years (and probably will be again when my vigilance drifts).

I used to try to dig out roots. I did get a (deluded) "rush" of satisfaction when I got a good length of apparently complete root out.

The bindweed always came back though, so I switched to your new strategy a few years ago. This year has been good and the only problems have been incursions from neighbours' gardens. These have been isolated strands and easily dealt by direct spraying.

When the war was at it's peak I was prepared to spend a good deal of time unwinding strands of bindweed that had got away, or had come from difficult-to-get-at places, and entwined themselves into nearby shrubs and perennials. This activity also gave me a (pathetic) sense of satisfaction, particularly when the time came to “attack”.

Good luck and “No Surrender”