Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Getting somewhere

The wind was bitingly cold and there was still some frost in the shady parts. A puddle was all ice. As I arrived pigeons flew off from Gary's plot and I saw the netting had blown off from his purple sprouting broccoli, so I covered it up again. I checked the rat poison and it was untouched. Maybe I'm getting somewhere against the rats.

I pulled a few weeds up. They are mostly groundsel with some flowers even in the winter. Grass is also showing signs of germinating too. It feels too early (and cold) to be digging yet. If I turn the ground now I would have to do it again before planting, so I'll just pull a handful of weeds as I see them.


Unknown said...

It sounds so cold there! In HK, Rockets are doing well again, it must suit HK winter weather ;)

Chris Hill said...

Hi Kumiko,
It is cold here, and getting colder for a few days too.

Growing Rocket in January would need a heated greenhouse, with extra lighting here. I hope you enjoy your greens.