Thursday, 2 April 2015

April fool

Yesterday was very windy and felt very cold in the wind. I decided to plant my potatoes, I just wanted to get them going. I felt the soil and even in the cold wind it felt fairly warm, so that confirmed that they needed to go in. The trenched were already dug so planting the spuds and backfilling the trench didn't take long. The cold wind made me wonder if I was an April Fool.

Today I went up to turn a bit more ground. On the side of the car park someone had dumped a pile of top soil, so I helped myself to some to add to the banking up above the potatoes. The wind has dropped today and the sun is out, so it was much more pleasant than yesterday. Overnight rain had left the ground pretty soggy, but the forecast is for fine and settled weather for a few days, so it will dry quickly.

I've still got more ground to turn, but I'm getting there.

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