Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Peas and water

It has been dry, very dry. Everything needs water, so I've been splashing watering cans around to try to keep up. It is never as good as a proper rainy day, but it keeps things from shrivelling up.

I planted a batch of peas today. I plant to plant some more in about two weeks time and again in another two weeks to try to spread the crop over a longer period.

The sweetcorn plants in the greenhouse are looking good. I expect they will be ready to go out in a week or so. I hope frosts are over, but I'll cover them with fleece if a frost is forecast once they go out.

Spuds are all showing well, onions are all looking strong, cabbage and colli all look a bit forlorn - they really need more water I think. Most broad beans are through. The disappointment have been the seeds sown on tapes. None are showing. I think I'll plant some more shortly, but the cold and the drought might have done for them. The fruit bushes are covered with flowers. The apple trees at the site entrance are covered in blossom too as you can see.

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