Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Plan for next year

In the past post I mentioned the plan for next year, so I thought I'd commit the outline ideas to this blog:
  • Carrots, try different varieties, try planting plugs in tubes, but just get some to grow.
  • Peas, certainly mangetout or sugarsnap but maybe peas too.
  • Broad beans, pick early & don't grow too many.
  • Sweetcorn, a modest patch.
  • Courgettes, must grow a few 'Green Bush'. Need better spacing out.
  • Spring Onions, sow in pots, not tubes. 'White Lisbon'.
  • Beetroot, plant earlier than this year and plant in volume in early summer. 'Boltardy' and other varieties.
  • Potatoes, a few earlies.
  • Leeks, of course. Grow just the same. 'Musselburgh'.
  • Parsnips, of course. Grow just the same.
  • Onions, make sure they get more water to stop them bolting. Only white.
  • Tomatoes, only grow cherries.
  • Celeriac, maybe - depends on this year's crop.
  • Spinach, grow it very early and only take very small leaves.
  • Sweat peas, mixed variety again.
  • Runner beans, don't grow, grow peas instead.
Permanent plantings
  • Asparagus, full crop next year, need to water well
  • Raspberries, only half the canes now. Water as the fruit swells.
  • Strawberries, a few less plants now. Water as the fruit ripens.
  • Blackcurrants, pick progressively when they are fully ripe.
  • Gooseberries, pick progressively when they are fully ripe.
  • Rhubarb, pick aggressively to encourage succulent stems.
  • Plums, Not worth the trouble, so dig them out.
We are going to grow in patches rather than rows. Have a path down one side rather than the middle.

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