Sunday, 2 June 2013

Rabbits with a sense of humour

The saga of the hedge being pulled out and replaced with a fence and then, eventually, being replanted as a hedge has caused a lot of comment, some mirth and some bad feeling. The parish council chairman, who is strongly in favour of this plan, has decided that he is not talking to me. I asked the East Riding of Yorkshire (ERoY) council if our parish council could pull out the hedge, ERoY confirmed that they needed permission which they didn't have so wrote to the parish council to let them know they couldn't just pull out a rural hedge.

The parish council was invited to a meeting to discuss this, but the parish council chairman took this as some sort of dressing down, which was certainly not the case. As a result of a simple email from me the parish council chairman is now shouting at me that he is not talking to me. His childish behaviour is causing a lot of mirth and has lost him a lot of respect. Other village residents are very unhappy about the way the parish council is handling some planning matters too, so I hope that at the next election there will be some changes, but I'm not holding my breath.

The hedge-to-fence-to-hedge idea is supposedly about stopping rabbits getting onto the site which I don't think stands any chance of working. Some rabbits have taken up residence in the middle of the site underneath a shed. Clearly a fence along one side of the site would not keep them off our plots. Oddly enough that rabbit-infested plot is rented by, of all people, the parish chairman.

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