Tuesday, 20 January 2009

The last harvest

The last of our parsnips and leeks were harvested today, with some of them pictured in the sink ready to be washed. It clears the way for the winter dig ready for this year's plantings. A lovely stew is in the oven for this evening. The leeks were tiny compared to most of our crops - they were late plantings as afterthoughts. We had some raw at lunchtime with a salad and they were superb. The parsnips have mostly been stumpy like these, but they still have a lot of flesh in them. A few have been huge - all have been delicious. Leeks and parsnips are definitely part of this year's plans.

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Digitalquill said...

Hi Nice blog, I have just started an allotment in Hessle just down the road from you! I also have just started a blog about my allotment http://ontheallotment.co.uk. I hope it will chart my learning curve!

Good luck for 2009!