Wednesday, 21 January 2009


We were in Wilkinsons today. That's a sort of discount store, which has a section for gardening. We saw that their gardening section had had a revamp and took a look. They had bags of onion sets, Sturon white onions and Red Karmen red onions, so we bought a bag of each. They also had some garlic bulbs (Allium sativum) for planting at three for £2, so we had a pack of them too. We also bought a packet of sweet peas called old fashioned mix, which we had last year.

The garlic is a bit of insurance - we already have some in the plot but only some it has come up. If we plant these new cloves it will ripen a bit later than the ones we planted last autumn so it should spread our season.

The sweet peas are not edible of course, but we pick them for home and to give away and they brighten up the plot. Last year Bob had a bed of wild flowers which was great. It also brought in bees and other pollinaters which help the plots around - maybe sweet peas will help too.

Onions are new to us too. We have some winter onions growing on the plot, but we have not harvested any yet. The winter onions should be ready in April or May and these new sets (which are tiny onions) will be planted just before then.

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