Friday, 5 April 2013

Too soon?

I have moved the broad beans up to the allotment greenhouse, which is more of a cold frame really when it is so cold. They need to slow down as they were romping away at home. I hope the ground warms up soon, otherwise they will get much too tall and when they do go out they will probably get damaged in any kind of breeze. I might have been too early sowing them. Should I sow some more just in case?

The leeks are just beginning to come through - once again I need to keep them in check, but first they will need potting up. I will sow some more leeks later and they seem to be less rampant than broad beans.

The cold easterly wind continues. It is also very, very dry so even though the ground is still cold it is drying up. The forecast is for somewhat warmer and wetter weather to spread in from the west next week. I hope so.

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