Monday, 15 April 2013

Warmth at last

The warmer weather is with us, with winds finally from the south and west rather than the dry and very cold east. The longer days, with stronger sun has quickly warmed the top of the soil - it's still chilly a bit lower down. The ground is very dry on the top, but it is damp lower down. Some rain is forecast over the next few days, but stronger winds too. The rain will be welcome too.

The season seems a few weeks late, maybe as much as a month, but as the sun is so strong now I think things will quickly catch up if the wind remains from the south and west. As evidence that the season is very late, I finally have some broccoli spears. I had really given up hope of seeing any fresh broccoli, but I didn't clear the plants until I needed the space and now I'm glad I didn't. I'll pick a few spears in a day or two and take a photo if I remember. I hope now the asparagus will begin to grow too.

The best news so far is that I do seem to have persuaded the rabbits to move on. I have been constantly refilling their hole and adding wood and bricks to make it harder to dig out. I found a large, heavy iron bar and a large wooden block. I used them to reinforce my refills and it seems to have worked. The hole has not been dug out for nearly a week - rather than every night - and there are no droppings or scrapings anywhere to be seen. I can't find any other hole nearby either, so things look good. When I'm sure they have gone, I'll level the ground and cover as much as I can with chicken wire to prevent future digging.

Looks like the growing season is finally under way.

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