Monday, 10 February 2014

A quiet start

The mild, windy and wet winter is not yet over, but today felt like it might be. It was a calm, warm(ish), sunny afternoon so I went up to the plot to see what the winter has done. The ground is, of course, very wet and I don't want to destroy the structure of the soil by walking on it any more than I have to.

I hand-weeded the asparagus bed. It is easy to get at the weeds when there are no stems at this time and even though it is a small patch, just tidying that up makes the spring seem closer. I added some blood, fish and bone fertiliser which the rain forecast overnight will wash in nicely.

The ever present rabbits seem to have moved in to the bank behind the hedge, so a bit of work will be needed to encourage them to move on again.

The remaining leeks are now woody and need digging up. The purple sprouting broccoli has no flower buds yet but it looks strong and healthy. The rhubarb has some buds that are pushing through.

Now I need to draw up some plans and get a few seeds in pots.

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