Monday, 17 February 2014

Closing the gate

Repaired gate
The winds blew down one of my gates in the fence around the plot. I took a substantial wooden post that is tanalised and some tools up to repair it. The gate itself is fine. It is suspended above the ground by its hinges so it doesn't sit on the wet ground, and is, therefore, not likely to rot in a hurry. The old fence post, on the other hand, simply rotted off at ground level, as they tend to do eventually. The ground is wet and soft, so digging was very easy. I put a new post in, cut to length and screwed the gate hinges to it. I reinforced the post with a steel angle iron support and screwed the post to it. I hope it will last for a few years now.

The rabbit holes that I filled in are still filled in, so that seems to have been successful, but I found another one. This was carefully hidden in the hedge bottom and the pile of spoil that I thought had come from the hole I filled in, now looks more likely to have come from the newly found hole. I shovelled a good load of the spoil down the hole and we'll see if it gets dug out over the next few days. If not, them more cement will complete the job.

I took a quick look the hedge bottom along most of the north side of the allotment site and there are obviously other rabbit holes, only one of which has fresh-looking droppings outside of the hole. I don't know enough about the habits of rabbits to know if that is significant or not.

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